Website Domain For Sale Malaysia Travel News

Malaysia Travel Website For Sale

After years of managing the tourism and travel portal, I am now announcing that Malaysia Travel News website is for sale. This is simply due to my work schedule and I have very little time to manage this domain. Also on sale are the social media channels with the same brand name, which is already created for the overall branding for Malaysia Travel News.

I created this tourism news website in 2013 with a main purpose of sharing tourism and travel news only on Malaysia. The tourism and travel portal provided information that was sourced directly from the tourism players in Malaysia. My job included attending tourism and travel trade shows, events and functions, hence I was given first hand information before the mainstream media published the news.

With my current work projects, I have totally no time to manage this anymore, hence I am selling off this keyword rich travel domain to anyone who is interested. Please continue reading to find out more about this travel domain for sale.

Malaysia Travel Website Domain For Sale

Malaysia Travel News used to get about 20,000 to 35,000 visitors on a monthly basis, and at times, the traffic went up to about 40,000 visitors. This is because I practiced search engine optimization or SEO for my writing, and also traffic from my social media channels.

Though the numbers may be low, but bare in mind that these are consumers or tourism industry people visiting the website. As you may already know, general websites get high traffic numbers, but the cake is broken into many genres.

For example, a lifestyle website may get 200,000 visitors, but only 10% of those may read tourism news. The rest of the visitors got for the viral news, lifestyle news and so on. On Malaysia Travel News, it is 100% tourism and travel readers that are coming to get information.

Malaysia Travel News has also been official media partners for large tourism and travel events. One of them is the Matta Fair 2014 where the brand was one of the media partners for Malaysia’s largest travel fair. Other large events include the Airport Cities Convention which was held in Malaysia in 2015. The brand has also been well connected to many state tourism boards as I was invited to many of their events and functions.

Since early 2017, I have stopped updating the main website but I continued to manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts till today to keep them healthy. The website content was all removed as many of them have been outdated news. Hence I did a total revamp and wiped out the old article data.

Part of the reason was to remove the old links in the content, as many of them were no longer active or were pointing to a 404. Whoever buys this domain can simply delete the few current postings and start afresh with brand new content on Malaysia Travel News.

Malaysia Social Media Account For Sale
Malaysia Travel News Facebook Page

Malaysia Travel News For Sale – Social Media Accounts

Along with this sale are three main social media accounts for Malaysia Travel News. All three of them also have the same brand name of Malaysia Travel News and works hand in hand with the master website.

This means, whoever buys this domain will have everything set up and ready to go. All you need is content.The social media accounts are;

  1. FacebookMalaysian Travel News (4,500 Followers)
  2. TwitterMalaysia Travel News (2,700 Followers)
  3. YouTubeMalaysia Travel News (61 Subscribers)

Please note that the followers for each of the social media accounts are all tourism and travel lovers. Meaning they followed the accounts because they want to know about travel and tourism news in Malaysia. This is a valuable following when you ask any marketeer out there.

Website Domain For Sale Malaysia Travel News – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The website is a strong keyword for search engines and can rank pretty high if you execute good SEO practice. Together with supporting social media accounts with the same names, it creates a professional brand for any tourism or travel related company.

Domain age also plays an important part in today’s search engine optimization (SEO), hence this domain was registered in 2013, making it five years old to date. I have been a SEO writer for the last 10 years, and of course, I can share this information with you, because without SEO, you are not going to reach anyone.

Who Should Buy

Potential buyers include national and state tourism boards, travel agents and companies, public relation companies, online travel agents (OTA), Tourism and Travel NGO’s or anyone who is in the tourism field.

Examples of managing a niche domain are online travel agents like, who has sub domains under different domain names that rank high for tourism articles. Consumers then think it is another information site, but inside the content, there are always link backs to

Another example is a local tour agency that sells inbound travel packages, where you can promote a lot of articles and information on popular places around Malaysia. From there, you can link your travel packages or contact for the consumer to contact you directly, instead of searching for a company that sells tours.

One fast example would be creating content like ’10 Best Places to Visit in Penang’ or ‘Top 10 Must Visit Places in Kuala Lumpur’ and have your Penang or KL packages linked in the articles, or have the reader contact you directly at the end of the article. See how easy it is in the digital world?

Alternatively, if you are a travel writer or blogger for Malaysia, you can also buy this domain and the social media accounts to jump start your career in this unique and interesting field. Many out there wish to embark on a job that pays them to travel and this domain could be your answer.

Website Domain For Sale Malaysia Travel News – Are You Interested?

If you are interested, please contact me at juniorhogan at gmail dot com and we can further discuss the price and so on. We can do the domain and hosting transfer for you, and once everything is finalized, we can do a smooth hand over for the domain log in and also for all the social media accounts.

When you buy this domain, you are getting the domain name and social media accounts related to this brand, making it easy for you to just plug and play.

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