Malaysia Travel Advertising

Travel and tourism advertising is on the rise and travel advertising in Malaysia Travel News will get you that consumer traffic who is interested in travel. One of the reasons why online advertising for travel is getting popular is because there is a huge decline in magazine and newspaper advertising in Malaysia nowadays. More and more people no longer read printed materials as the shift towards digital is so huge, clients are now looking at proper online platforms to advertise.

In the online and digital world, there are many options to advertise and most general portals or blogs cater to a wide lifestyle range, meaning they cover many topics like beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, events and more. This means, the readership of those portals and blogs are divided into many sub-genres.

But at Malaysia Travel News, we only cater to tourism and travel news and information. This means that your advertising will only reach those interested in travel and tourism. This is 100% engagement versus the other platforms out there. However, we are a very niche portal, therefore we do not boast of hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors, but we can say that we have quality readers visiting Malaysia Travel News.

Who Should Advertise?

If you are are in the tourism and travel industry, then you should start to participate in travel advertising in Malaysia to reach out to the online users who utilize search engines for information. As long as you deal in tourism, you are the right market to advertise. An example of who should advertise is as follows;

  • Tourism Boards (Local or International)
  • Travel Agency or Tour Companies (Local or International)
  • Hotels and Resorts (Guesthouse, Homestays to 5 Star and Luxury Hotels)
  • Tourism Events (Concerts, Festivals, Trade Shows, Special Shows)
  • Tour Providers (Providing tour services and experiences)
  • Destinations (Theme Parks, Factory Outlets, Farms, Eco Places)
  • Private Guides (Food Guides, Bird Guides, Nature Guides, Photography Guides, Historical Guides)
  • Tourism Consumer Products (Travel Apparels, Luggage Companies, Travel Shoes, Walking Shoes, Travel Essentials)
  • Travel Products (Cameras, Smart Phones, Tabs, Tripods, Drones, IT Accessories, Binoculars, Power Banks)

Target Audience for Travel

As mentioned above, we only provide travel and tourism news and information on Malaysia Travel News. Therefore, you can be sure that the target audience is someone who is interested in this field. Most of our traffic comes from search engine results and this means that the user has searched for a certain keyword for the news or information. This is 100% genuine travel and tourism consumers which is what the client wants.

Magazines and newspapers are no longer the flavor of advertising due to the targeted reach. They claim that they have 1 million readers, but how many from that 1 million is interested in travel and tourism? It is travel platforms like Malaysia Travel News that targets the right audience and you can be sure that the money spent on advertising will be reaching the right consumer.

Travel Advertising in Malaysia Travel News

We offer various types of travel advertising on our portal. Depending on your budget, we have created a very affordable number of packages below. The different types of travel advertising offered is below;

A. Box Banner Advertising

  • Site Wide – Every page of Malaysia Travel News has the advertisement
  • Location – Right panel of the portal
  • Size – 250×250 pixels
  • Artwork – Provided by the client
  • Link Back – To the clients website or social media account
  • Price – RM100.00 per month (including GST)
  • Package – RM800.00 for 12 months (1 year)

B. Article Writing Advertising

  • Article written and published on Malaysia Travel News
  • Article consist of 300-600 words and 1-2 photos
  • Article will feature one link-back to client website or social media account
  • Content provided by the client
  • Article duration will be lifetime
  • Price – RM750.00

C. Social Media Posting Advertising

  • Article or Photo shared on Malaysia Travel News Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Channels include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest
  • Posting is only one time per account
  • Client to provide link or photo
  • Price – RM200.00 per post on four social media channels

D. Special Combo Advertising Package of A + B + C

  • All in one combo package advertising
  • Promotion Price – RM1250.00

Malaysia FAM Trips and Influencers

For specially created advertising campaigns, you an always talk to us as we can create 6 month or 12 month campaigns for the client based on their needs. For FAM Trip Campaigns, you can also contact us about this. We understand that nowadays, FAM trips have been overused and abused by the wrong people attending them and hence, the ROI back to the client is not as good as it used to be 5 to 10 years ago when quality writers and influencers were aplenty. Nowadays, anyone can be an influencer, regardless if he or she has the knowledge or experience. All one needs is a high following social media account where followers, likes or engagement can be bought.

Malaysia Travel News would like to stress that we have never bought or participated in any social media follower buying or building process. We have never used ‘Future Like Packages’ where you pay a company a certain amount of money and for the next week, you will receive ‘x’ amount of likes for each of your social media postings. All our channels are organically grown with real followers.

If you need our company profile, contact us and we can send it to you and if you are interested to do travel advertising in Malaysia Travel News, you can contact us anytime via email or phone.