Genting Dream Cruise to Okinawa Japan

Dream Cruise Okinawa Japan

Come this Summer 2017, Dream Cruises, the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, will start the Genting Dream Cruise to Okinawa Japan beginning from 2 April 2017. Genting Dream will set sail from her dual homeports of Hong Kong and Nansha, Guangzhou on 5-night voyages to the idyllic destinations of Naha and Miyakojima in Okinawa, Japan. Continuing through the summer, guests who are looking for a quick escape can also enjoy a two-night weekend cruise sailing from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Hong Kong.

President of Dream Cruises, Mr. Thatcher Brown said “We are delighted to introduce Genting Dream’s first Summer Cruise Season which also marks her maiden cruise to Okinawa, Japan. With the success of our current Vietnam cruises, we are further developing exhilarating itineraries that will capture the beauty and diversity of Asia and excite the passions of our guests. With pristine beaches, crystal clear water and myriad cultural and historic attractions, Okinawa Japan is a natural and popular choice for Genting Dream this summer.”

Genting Dream Cruise to Okinawa Japan

Guests will also be able to discover a whole new underwater world in two state-of-the-art submersibles on board Genting Dream. Designed to carry one pilot and four guests, passengers can explore the spectacular sights under the Okinawan waters and marvel at the dazzling array of marine life and seascapes for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.

To educate, stimulate and inspire, Dream Cruises has designed and curated a remarkable range of events on board Genting Dream with a diverse programme featuring lectures on the historical ties between Okinawa and China along with award winning, world class photographers, motivational thought leaders, and iconic explorers of land, sea and space.

Families can enjoy time together at innovative Space Camps for Kids and a Mermaid Academy at Sea while the gastronomically inclined can please their palates with comprehensive wine tastings and immersive workshops on board the Genting Dream Cruise to Okinawa Japan.

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