Malaysian Art Festival at Five Malls in KL

1MCAT 2013
Art display at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur - Picture from The Star
1MCAT 2013
Art display at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – Picture from The Star

Malaysian Art Festival at Five Malls in KL

The 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival 2013 (1MCAT), will showcase still shots of Malay villages in vintage black-and-white as well as abstract contemporary art of padi fields as well as eco-friendly recyclable sculptures. For two months until Sept 30, Tourism Malaysia and the Art Malaysia Association MCAT bring a trail of works and sculptures to the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Displayed across five shopping centres, Malaysians and tourists will get to shop, take in the sights and appreciate art at the same time.

“Our main aim is to promote art and tourism and at the same time educate Malaysians,” said Art Malaysia Association project manager Jolene Yap. The event, which is in its fourth year, is organised by Tourism Malaysia and the Art Malaysia Association together with five malls; Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Starhill Gallery, Galeri Petronas in Suria KLCC, Fahrenheit88 and Sungei Wang Plaza. Each mall will have its own art theme ranging from still shot paintings to sculptures which which depict the country’s past and present as well as its colourful cultures.

Starting from Galeri Petronas, the theme “Convergence” will show tourists Malaysia’s history through vintage shots of the country in the 1990s along with batik paintings, which are exclusively done by Malaysian artists. Among the few which stand out in the brown-walled gallery are photos of old Penang and a picture of the outskirts of Johor Baru filled with pineapple plantations. “These can no longer be seen in Johor Baru. It’s all gone and without these pictures or paintings, images of these will be lost forever.

“But thanks to Malaysian artists, tourists and future generations can see what it was like in the past,” said Galeri Petronas assistant curator Erna Dyanty Mad Daluis. Erna, who has been in the art industry for over seven years, explained that some of the artworks displayed depict the Malaysian way of life like planting padi and making batik.

Moving on from there, stop at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and make your way up to the sixth floor where their Ode To Joy gallery presents
the theme “Masa Art”. There art lovers will get to see contemporary art by both local and internationally renowned artists such as Rainer Lagermann, a German sculptor.

There will also be Chinese paintings and calligraphy by Cheng Haw Chien besides a painting of horses, dancers and musicians by Lim Ah Cheng. “We decided to theme it as Masa Art or Time for Art in English, as we feel it makes it more Malaysian and localised,” said Pavilion public relations assistant manager Samantha Yong. From time to time, there will also be live shows of artists in action in the mall. To find out the schedules, visit

Next, cross the street to Fahrenheit88 where the theme Spark + Art aims to highlight bright abstract pieces of artwork. Among the pieces on display are artwork by Japanese splash, a technique developed by the painter, Takakurazome Kyoto, showcasing his tie-dye and stamping techniques.

“In both shopping centres, the artwork will be placed around the mall as well for shoppers to view. We want to create a impression that links shopping and art,” said Fahrenheit88 marketing manager Christine Chua. Then head over to Starhill Gallery to view their collection of art with the theme, Odyssey, a journey of inspirational artists.

Finally, end your art adventure at Sungei Wang Plaza where five sculptures made by students from Saito College are displayed along the five-foot walkway. Made from recyclable materials, each of the five sculptures represent our multicultural and multiracial country. “The theme is Colour Me Eco-Friendly. Everything on display is made with recyclable materials,” said Sungei Wang Plaza marketing communications senior executive Joanne Lee.

To ensure the artwork is in good condition, students from the college will come by every weekend to touch up their creations. Lee said the Sungei Wang Plaza management even built a covered walkway outside the shopping centre to shade the artwork from rain. “They are so fragile, we wouldn’t want the students’ hard work to be ruined by the elements,” she said.

KL Art Trail Shuttle

To promote this further, 1MCAT has introduced the first ever KL Art Trail Shuttle, that is targeted at tourists. This hop-on, hop-off shuttle, which only seats nine, operates daily from 10am to 6pm and will make its rounds every two hours. The free shuttle will pick tourists from their hotel and drop them off at the five malls.

Among the hotels for pick-up are Renaissance Hotel, Maya Hotel, Corus Hotel, Inter-Continental Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Royal Chulan Hotel and Prince Hotel. Because of the big number of hotels covered, the shuttle will take at least two hours to complete one route. “This is the first time we have organised such a show If the response is good, we will consider having more shuttles to pick up tourists,” said Yap. Source.

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